Empowered by our Bishop, Catholic Campus Ministry is the embodiment of the Church on campuses of higher education in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte. Imbued by the Tradition of Church Teaching, Catholic Campus Ministry forms and nurtures authentic Catholic Community rooted in the Gospel and Sacraments. Dedicated to the mission of Jesus Christ, Catholic Campus Ministry evangelizes through personal and communal experiences for the formation of lifelong disciples.

The mission of Catholic Campus Ministry is spelled out in the USCCB document, Empowered by the Spirit (1985). That document listed six aspects of campus ministry. Here in the Diocese of Charlotte, we strive to meet these six aspects, and we even added a seventh. How can you be more involved in any of these aspects?

  • Facilitating Personal Development
    • choices relating to career and educational opportunities, as well as leisure time activities, are grounded in a relationship with God.
  • Forming the Faith Community
    • establishing bonds of love within the Catholic community.
  • Developing Leaders for the Future
    • developing a self-concept wherein one believes and acts as a steward of one’s gifts for the Christian community, as well as for the larger world community.
  • Forming the Christian Conscience
    • using Gospel values to refine one’s value system and subsequent actions.
  • Appropriating the Faith
    • passing on the biblical and theological richness of the Catholic tradition so that these concepts can become living realities within an individual.
  • Educating for Justice
    • engaging in justice-oriented learning/activities based on the conviction of the holiness of creation and Jesus’ preferential option for the outcast.
  • Fostering Vocations
    • educating students to listen and respond to God’s call, wherever it may lead them.