Give Your Heart Away

Spring 2022 Weekend Date TBD
Location TBD

Give Your Heart Away is a weekend of service for college students in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte. Prayer, theological reflection, feasting and fellowship will accompany the service.

Some possible service activities…

  • Maintenance work at a small retreat center.
  • Cleaning/organizing at a women’s resource center
  • sorting and stocking at local thrift stores
  • visiting with nursing home residents.
  • Wherever you serve, you will have the opportunity to be Christ’s hands, feet, eyes, ears and merciful heart in the world today.

Why do we serve?
Catholic Social Teaching provides us with a rich understanding of why we reach out to others and the world around us. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops defined a set of principles that ground our service. These principles include the following:

  • Life and dignity of the human person
  • Call to family, community and participation
  • rights and responsibilities
  • option for the poor and vulnerable
  • dignity of work and the rights of workers
  • solidarity
  • care of God’s creation

By giving our hearts away this weekend we will have the opportunity to step into the shoes of others to see what life is like for them; or perhaps to help improve the situation of those in need; and certainly to assist the works of mercy of the Church.